"Write Stuff!" Emergency Preparedness Pen
"Write Stuff!" Emergency Preparedness Pen
"Write Stuff!" Emergency Preparedness Pen
"Write Stuff!" Emergency Preparedness Pen
"Write Stuff!" Emergency Preparedness Pen

"Write Stuff!" Emergency Preparedness Pen

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Prioritize staying safe and PREPARED AT ALL times with one of our favorite inconspicuous, sleek emergency preparedness solutions. 

The Shaan Saar Krav Maga Emergency Preparedness Pen is a practical item nearly every one of us carries to work or school on a daily basis and features an added layers of protection and functionality as:

➤ The Ultimate Emergency Scenario Response Tool
➤ Pointed LED light with Strobe Feature for emergency locating
➤ CAR ESCAPE, FIRE / WATER LANDING & Glass Break Response Features
➤ Super Smooth, Refillable writing instrument for a LIFETIME OF USE 
➤ Budget Conscious & The PERFECT GIFT comes with 4 Battery Cells & Ink Refill

Our evenly balanced, visually stunning personal safety and emergency preparedness tool is made of ultra strong, anti-rust AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM and one of the most useful, convenient forms of self defense you can own. We design all of our products for quality, durability and affordability.

An especially wonderful gift for far away loved ones or busy professionals, our custom Everyday Carry tool is our go-to for keeping in our family vehicles. Vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of death in the first three decades of our lives and none of us knows exactly how our seat belts and air bags will work until it's too late. Ensure you can release them if necessary or save a loved one in the event of an emergency with our convenient every day carry tool.

This everyday carry writing instrument functions as a life saving glass breaker for fire, water or vehicle escape AND seatbelt cutter for quickly and efficiently popping deployed air bags or cutting jammed seat belts. Budget friendly, superior build and practical functionality make it a necessary item for any safety conscious person.

Read more about why you need to add multiple layers to your Emergency Preparedness plan!

The Transform Fear™ Project

Building Community

The Transform Fear™ Project was created by Shaan Saar LLC as a social impact movement to support, empower and elevate the voices of survivors of violent crime and marginalized communities. We are committed to helping survivors reclaim their autonomy, find their personal strengths and create actionable plans for thriving.

We provide survivors in all stages of healing in-person and online, trauma informed self defense™ education, Survivor's Masterclass Experiences for resilience and empowerment and immediate need response for safety planning, security and more.

A Personal Mission

As a survivor of violent crime herself, Reneé Rose, creator and co-founder of The Transform Fear Project and Shaan Saar LLC has taught thousands of women from all walks of life how to not only keep themselves safer but find strength

At the age of 17, Reneé survived a kidnapping at gunpoint. The experience cultivated in her a desire to spend a lifetime learning more about personal protection, self-sufficiency and emotional well being. The desire to learn, share and help others gave rise to a global movement for ending gender and identity violence.

A Personal Story Of Survival
Co-Founder: Reneé Rose

As the daughter of a heavily decorated US Naval Officer and Federal Law Enforcement, Reneé was exposed early on to a culture of safety and self sufficiency. She credits the self preservation skills she learned at an early age to her survival.

These very skills, in addition to Evidence Based Self-Defense™, Conflict Management, Violence Prevention and Resilience Training are taught in the Master Class Series, University Preparedness and Women's Only Courses and Lectures across the country.

Brand Ambassador Program

Influence with impact

Your story of resilience can become a blueprint for someone else's survival; acting as catalyst for change, education and advocacy.

We are currently looking for a diverse group of individuals to become a part of the Transform Fear™ Project.

Social Media Ambassadors play a key role in our mission to help end gender and identity motivated violence, while supporting the individuals who have experienced it

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