Starter Gear Package
Starter Gear Package
Starter Gear Package
Starter Gear Package
Starter Gear Package
Starter Gear Package
Starter Gear Package

Starter Gear Package

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Starter Gear Package features Actionflex Combative Headgear for sizes large and extra large. Please specify sizing for striking gloves and shin protectors.

Striking Gloves Made specifically for Krav Maga training, our strike gloves feature sectional padding that allows for natural hand movements along with open palms for hand dexterity. The dual-locking hook-and-loop wrist wraps add support and provide a secure fit.

16 oz Boxing Gloves Specifically designed for the rigors of Krav Maga training, these 16oz. boxing gloves feature breathable mesh palms to keep the hands cool and dry, plus hook-and-loop wrist wraps that add support and ensure a secure fit. 

Martial Armor Shin Protectors Designed for a secure fit and flexibility, martial armor features two pieces of high-density thermoformed padding with flex channels for wrap-around coverage on the shin and foot while still allowing for a wide range of motion. Durable design is intended for strenuous wear while still allowing for laundering. 

Kali Stick Durable rattan kali stick (escrima) has a rough, peeled finish. Diameter: 0.875" (26") or 1" (28")

ActionFlex Combative Headgear The ActionFlex Headgear is made with high-density, impact resistant foam with face cage. Makes breathing easy while still providing coverage. Designed specifically for weapons practice, this headgear features a breathable back for comfort and an adjustable rear strap.

Why choose us?

Realistic Scenario Education

Our programs allow you to train with most realistic scenario education possible. Combining a variety of the most proven, effective methods of close quarters self defense for empty hand and weapon (bladed, baton and live / cold firearms) our education and training will give you the skill, knowledge and confidence to take control of the personal safety of you and your loved ones.

Because personal safety is not just about the physical every one of our instructors helps to guide your training with real world legal framework, conflict resolution and reporting that's applicable to our ever changing world.

Increased Uncertainty

We know what the new reality in our country is and increased  uncertainty leaves us with two choices. We can live proactively or live in fear.

More Americans are becoming aware of the necessity of learning efficient means of protecting themselves in a variety of situations and carrying a firearm is only half the picture. We offer non-recreational training for open and hand and weapons defense and survival. 

Safety is an essential life skill

Violent crime crosses socio-economic boundaries. Ranging from domestic violence and home invasion to random attacks, every person can benefit from learning the best concepts to keeping themselves safe. 

Stress Training

Home Defense Preparedness

Anyone, regardless of their level of training, can experience a gun jam or find themselves in a position where accessing or using their firearm is not possible. This makes knowing how to properly use a firearm as a non-lethal (cold) weapon for counter attack, weapon retention or stress scenario training is essential. Our training programs will give you a well rounded education for worst case scenarios so you can feel confident and prepared.