Natural Healing For PTSD and Balancing Brain Chemistry

Natural Healing For PTSD and Balancing Brain Chemistry

Those suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia and PTSD often struggle to find helpful solutions outside of pharmaceuticals. Alternatives like at-home neurotransmitter testing (ordered by a doctor) is a window to our brain function that no other testing can provide. Further it can be a beneficial element for natural healing; and allows exploration of targeted, natural alternatives for many other mental health disorders. Scroll for more after the following article.

We tend to associate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with combat veterans, but any traumatic event, from earthquakes to car accidents, can trigger this often frustrating and debilitating malady.

For many people, the psychological effects of traumatic events are temporary-after a time, they start to feel like their old selves again. But some people can't seem to get back to their old normal. Many suffer from fears, anxiety, and panic attacks that don't go away, and these prevent them from living their normal lives.

Conventional doctors usually treat PTSD with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines. But there are natural alternatives. Here are five homeopathic remedies that can help. If none of these descriptions fits your exact profile of symptoms, consider consulting a trained homeopath who can help develop a customized treatment.

1. Arsenicum Album:

This remedy covers a lot of fears and anxieties that lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Your mind can't stop playing the same trauma over and over again. You can only focus on the negative-worrying, perhaps, that something bad will happen to you or a loved one. You may be overly concerned about germs or your health, to the point of hypochondria.

2. Aconitum Napellus:

For anxiety that might be the result of a sudden, unexpected trauma, such as an earthquake or car accident. A deep fear of death sends you into a panic state. You can feel your heart beating at a rapid pace that comes on all of a sudden. You may feel faint, along with perspiration and trembling. Things that would not have bothered you before can trigger panic attacks, such as driving on a freeway, getting into an elevator, or flying in an airplane. "I went to the supermarket and on the way in the car, I thought I would die," is the type of statement you might make.

3. Argentum Nitricum:

Assuages anxiety that is rooted in concerns about health. I call it "Monkey Brain," when a patient can only focus on their health or lack of it, convinced that every minor ache or ailment is the symptom of a fatal disease, and tend to go from doctor to doctor to get diagnoses. If you experience fear of heights, crowds, small spaces, etc. Argentum Nitricum might be benefial to you. Particularly if you often experience feelings of impending doom, or the strong need to express your fear-based anxieties with anyone who will listen.

4. Stramonium:

A helpful treatment if you are one who suffers from night fears and nightmares. Can also help combat anxiety that comes from fear of the dark, animals, violence, and being alone. Stramonium is calming for anxiety that has a tendency to turn into destructive and malicious behavior-- it soothes feelings of anger and panic.

5. Lyssinum:

A treatment for anyone hypersensitive to sound, light, smell, and even emotions. This hypersensitivity often makes you feel very raw, which can result in the belief of being tormented or ridiculed. This can also create feelings of fear and dread that something bad will happen. If you experience phobias, such as fear of driving, flying, injury, suffocation, water, or being alone, Lyssinum may be a helpful remedy.

Suggested dose: Dosages vary from a 30c, 200c, to a 1M, and can be taken daily or weekly. This depends on the severity of symptoms and how long someone has been suffering. Try and see what works best for you. Or seek the help of a professional homeopath.

If none of these descriptions fits your exact profile of symptoms, consider consulting a trained homeopath who can help develop a customized treatment.

Bonus Bach Flower Remedies

Red Chestnut:

Better Nutrition

For worry, loss of sleep, irrational behavior, and feelings of anger, hate, resentment, and impatience.

Star of Bethlehem:

Very helpful in any shock, trauma, or grief event. When you just can't seem to move forward and you stay in the traumatic event. Feelings of shame, fear, frustration, and guilt that can turn into anger and grudges. Holding your fears and anxieties in the abdominal area, loss of appetite, and a lot of GI issues. This Bach Flower essence can help you move forward out of that trauma.

Suggested dose for the Bach Flowers:** Put 3 drops into a 12-oz. bottle of water, and each time you sip on the water, you are dosing yourself. These are safe and easy for children and adults. You can put both Bach flower remedies in the same bottle of water. **

Written by Avghi Constantinides for Better Nutrition and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

For natural healing, Bach flowers, Hyland's homeopathic combinations and neurotransmitter testing by ZRT labs have been helpful solutions for me and so many individuals. Neurotransmitter testing in particular is one of the most progressive (and promising) solutions for anxiety, chonric fatigue, insomnia, pmdd and other chronic issues with an easy at home urinalysis. While plenty of individuals find prescription medications necessary, there are also alternatives to explore before making the leap

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