Shaan Saar Krav Maga: Our mission and what we're about

Shaan Saar Krav Maga: Our mission and what we're about

Self defense is frequently taught in variety of levels; from choreographed martial arts techniques designed to improve performance, to one of the latest catch-phrase niche markets known as reality based -a primarily mat based dojo environment incorporating multiple styles of martial arts, sometimes Krav Maga.

What makes Shaan Saar Krav Maga so different is not only our stress tested approach to Scenario Based Training but the multi-faceted, evidence based approach to understanding and response to violence and violence prevention education. We combine intensive concept training which incorporates the most biomechanically effective martial arts self defense and military survival concepts with carefully crafted mock-ups, designed to learn, practice, test and overcome. Students are offered a variety of lecture based education elements fro conflict management, de-escalation, survival negotiation; as well as education for use of force, reporting and more! Self defense doesn't just begin when one has been attacked and it certainly doesn't end there as well; we explore a variety of topics through our intersectional self-defense™ system. 

To ensure every student is actually able to use what they learn efficiently we layer in Resilience Training. Our methods help to create the necessary mindset for not only protecting oneself but to move past our own individual hypo and hyper-arousal states which can inhibit the ability to rise to the level of our training.

Students learn to transcend fear, move quickly and efficiently with skill in order to protect themselves and loved ones with one of the most important and practical life skills a person could possess. We work tirelessly to ensure content is relevant to our ever changing world and develop course formats and learning options that make learning viable for even the busiest professional.

We offer comprehensive self defense training for both open hand and weapons threats / attacks. Every student has the opportunity for real life scenario training and we cover a wide variety of scenarios designed to mimic threats most relevant to our lives here in the US. We’re known throughout both national and international news media for education that addresses the personal safety needs for specific populations (i.e sexual assault, dating violence, healthcare professionals, sexual orientation and religious based hate crime, etc..) and provide a variety of convenient formats throughout the United States for small and large groups alike.

Krav Maga has a tradition of adaptation for maximum efficiency and at Shaan Saar Krav Maga we combine elite level military and law enforcement training and adapt it for efficient, easy to learn civilian use. Our own instructors continually train, learn and improve our own methods and response tactics to provide students the most up to date concepts.

We’re proud to be Orlando’s only authentic Krav Maga and Tactical training with indoor / outdoor facilities, Educational programs are designed in conjunction with advisors from cognitive behavior therapy, US Naval Officers and elite levels of the US military including the Navy SEALS. We take our training past what is traditionally seen in self defense education and provide in-person scenario based training, real world legal framework, conflict resolution, reporting, and strength extraction mindset Resilience Training that’s applicable to our ever changing world. Speciality courses include education in conflict management, womXn's self defense, university preparedness, solo travel and workplace safety. 

Our evidence-based, trauma informed womXn’s only programs are the only of their kind in Florida to have been designed in conjunction with trauma therapists, focus on neurobiology of attacks, reporting, legal and social framework, creating strong boundaries with a female instructor who is also our resident certified trauma informed support specialist.

These courses provide ongoing training for how-to protect oneself in a variety of scenarios most frequently encountered by womXn. Ranging from non-violent to violent crime; including harassment, domestic and dating violence to sexual assault and stalking. Courses are offered in group and private settings, ongoing and short courses for groups of every size and in conjunction with The Shaan Saar Foundation 501(c)3 non-profit to ensure that every person can learn, regardless of their economic background.

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