Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package
Advanced Gear Package

Advanced Gear Package

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Required training package for protection for optimal, full contact, training 

Specify sizing for striking gloves and shin protectors.

Striking Gloves Made specifically for Krav Maga training, our strike gloves feature sectional padding that allows for natural hand movements along with open palms for hand dexterity. The dual-locking hook-and-loop wrist wraps add support and provide a secure fit.

16 oz. Boxing Gloves Specifically designed for the rigors of Krav Maga training, these 16oz. boxing gloves feature breathable mesh palms to keep the hands cool and dry, plus hook-and-loop wrist wraps that add support and ensure a secure fit. 

Martial Armor Shin Protectors Designed for a secure fit and flexibility, martial armor features two pieces of high-density thermoformed padding with flex channels for wrap-around coverage on the shin and foot while still allowing for a wide range of motion. Durable design is intended for strenuous wear while still allowing for laundering. 

Kali Stick Durable rattan kali stick (escrima) has a rough, peeled finish. 

ActionFlex Combative Headgear The ActionFlex Headgear is made with high-density, impact resistant foam with face cage. Makes breathing easy while still providing coverage. Designed specifically for weapons practice, this headgear features a breathable back for comfort and an adjustable rear strap.

Forearm Protection  Martial Armor is a revolutionary design in sparring gear engineered to be flexible and lightweight, but maintain a high level of durability with its padded construction. Each piece features a comfortable form-fitting fabric shell, which conforms to the body and stands up to tough workouts.

Martial Armor Protective Vest The revolutionary Martial Armor design with full torso protection. Designed to work with the body's natural movements, this sparring gear provides coverage for the chest, ribs and shoulders while still being exceptionally breathable. Composed of 0.625-inch padding sewn onto a lycra shirt.

The Transform Fear™ Project

Building Community

The Transform Fear™ Project was created by Shaan Saar LLC as a social impact movement to support, empower and elevate the voices of survivors of violent crime and marginalized communities. We are committed to helping survivors reclaim their autonomy, find their personal strengths and create actionable plans for thriving.

We provide survivors in all stages of healing in-person and online, trauma informed self defense™ education, Survivor's Masterclass Experiences for resilience and empowerment and immediate need response for safety planning, security and more.

A Personal Mission

As a survivor of violent crime herself, Reneé Rose, creator and co-founder of The Transform Fear Project and Shaan Saar LLC has taught thousands of women from all walks of life how to not only keep themselves safer but find strength

At the age of 17, Reneé survived a kidnapping at gunpoint. The experience cultivated in her a desire to spend a lifetime learning more about personal protection, self-sufficiency and emotional well being. The desire to learn, share and help others gave rise to a global movement for ending gender and identity violence.

A Personal Story Of Survival
Co-Founder: Reneé Rose

As the daughter of a heavily decorated US Naval Officer and Federal Law Enforcement, Reneé was exposed early on to a culture of safety and self sufficiency. She credits the self preservation skills she learned at an early age to her survival.

These very skills, in addition to Evidence Based Self-Defense™, Conflict Management, Violence Prevention and Resilience Training are taught in the Master Class Series, University Preparedness and Women's Only Courses and Lectures across the country.