Am Yisrael Chai Water Bottle 22oz
Am Yisrael Chai Water Bottle 22oz
Am Yisrael Chai Water Bottle 22oz

Am Yisrael Chai Water Bottle 22oz

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Introducing the Vacuum Insulated bottle featuring our Am Yisrael Chai logo! Not only do you enjoy the functionality and durability of a bpa beverage bottle, but you also contribute to the safety and security of our Jewish community with 100% of all proceeds go towards the Shaan Saar 501(c)3 Security Fund;  dedicated to providing safety management, armed security, and safety education to our Jewish community. 

 Get yours today and make a difference! #AmYisraelChai

With the double-wall construction, it keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold choices refreshing for a full 48 hours. No need to worry about condensation and slipping - because it's condensation-proof! Plus, they are designed to fit standard vehicle cup holders and are scratch and fade resistant.  

The Transform Fear™ Project

Supporting Community

The Transform Fear™ Project was created by the Shaan Saar Foundation as a social impact movement to support, empower and elevate the voices of survivors of violent crime and marginalized communities. As proud members of the Jewish community we stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel against acts of terror and are dedicated to filling the dramatic needs in our community for safeguarding our communities from the threats incited as a result of the attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023.

The Shaan Saar Foundation 501(c)3 is heavily subsidized by the Transform Fear eCommerce fundraising project and Shaan Saar LLC Security Group. 100% of the proceeds from this shop directly support safety education, emergency planning, and security for Jewish facilities in need.

Defense From Within

The Shaan Saar Foundation assists Jewish facilities with subsidies for providing quality, vetted physical security and emergency management.

With 70+ years of collective service in military, federal law enforcement, criminal behavior analysis, and counter terror experience the Shaan Saar group formed a non-profit foundation collectively with a group of compassionate, dedicated emergency management professionals to assist in offering relief, training, and protection to communities in need.

The Shaan Saar Group