Why Your Gun Isn't Enough

Why Your Gun Isn't Enough
Breaking down practical safety for people is a little like herding cats. People want to be safer and they know they should do things that would help them achieve that but finding the time, money and motivation to actually follow through pushes everyone off in a different direction. 

Safety and preparedness is my job. Day in and day out I read, write, teach and talk about what makes people safer and how they can best protect their families. The one thing I've learned over the years is that there are so many misconceptions about what will actually work. The most frequent statement that comes up in regard to personal safety discussions is "get a gun." Just being a gun owner won't actually make you safer than a non-gun owner unless you're training with it regularly and know how to use it during a stressful situation. Actually being safer is a far cry different than just feeling safer. 

There are a hundred things I could go into, but let's just talk about the fact that a firearm shouldn't be the only layer of personal protection you carry and why.

Personal protection and safety isn't just about an attack, it's about knowing how to keep yourself safe in any scenario. Including non-violent situations like fires, car accidents and natural disasters. Being truly prepared gives you a well rounded sense of security and confidence to navigate your life successfully versus pretending nothing bad ever will. 

I'm not a huge fan of multiple gadgets, I have young children, travel a lot and have a business and property to run and frequently have to jump out of work clothes to training gear. Things get broken, lost and end up being a waste of money. Traveling light makes my life so much easier and being safe and prepared (especially when navigating the world with little ones) means I'm incredibly careful about layers in our self defense and personal preparedness line. Owning and training with a firearm, multi-tool and less lethal form of personal safety are my go to's.

When the kids were younger I called it an "oopsie bag"; a bag with a basic first aid kit, extra clothes, a couple snacks and a multi-tool. It was absolutely invaluable to me and I used the contents on a regular basis. Now it's just called the Go-Bag and it's as practical as it ever was. There are a few items that I keep around as absolute, no compromise must haves and one of my favorites is the Shaan Saar Krav Maga Emergency Preparedness Pen

It is without a doubt the most practical item in my Go-Bag and vehicle. Nearly every single one of us has a writing instrument on our person as we go about our work or school life, so why not make it double duty? Safe and useful. Beautiful and budget conscious. Zero compromise. Having had a heavy hand in developing our line, I made sure our ultimate open carry item will stand up to hard wear (think well balanced, anti-rust, aircraft grade aluminum) and ready to help me out of an emergency situation should I need it. Check out some of the highlights: 

Pointed LED light with Emergency ID Strobe Feature

CAR ESCAPE, FIRE and WATER LANDING Glass Break Survival Feature

Pain Compliance Aide

Super Smooth, Refillable writing instrument for a LIFETIME OF USE 

Budget Conscious & comes with 6 Battery Cells & Ink Refill

Bottom line is tactical pens are certainly a dime a dozen, and I’ve owned many.

Features usually range from bottle openers to the ability to write in extreme cold or upside down. None are particularly important to me and because I’m incredibly particular designing one that offers the functions and features most relevant to lifestyle was key. The Shaan Saar Krav Maga Emergency Preparedness Pen is truly one of the most useful, convenient forms of self defense and emergency preparedness you can own. In the event of a personal emergency you can count on having an added layer of pain compliance for self defense, glass breaker for fire, water or vehicle escape AND bladed edge for quickly and efficiently popping deployed air bags or cutting jammed seat belts.

In my mind gadgets should be a workhorse, offering value and be something I’m not wasting money on. You can find our Emergency Preparedness Pens in the Shaan Saar Krav Maga Shopify Store and give yourself an added layer of safety that offers superior function and practicality for everyday living.

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