Private Training: CQB or Krav Maga

Private Training: CQB or Krav Maga

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Accelerate learning or work on advanced topics in a private training with Chief Instructor Gabriel Mora. One-hour session are held at the Shaan Saar private training facility.


Gabriel is an Israeli CQB Instructor, Certified Master Krav Maga instructor, defensive tactics educator, board certified threat management educator, and trained in conflict management through the Black Swan Group, led by FBI Hostage Negotiator, Chris Voss. 

Train the most current CQB and Krav Maga threat management protocols, plus Catch Wresting, Japanese JuJitus, and Evidence Based Self Defense™.


  • 12 Sessions (one hour sessions)
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  • 75 Sessions (one hour sessions)
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The Transform Fear™ Project

Building Community

The Transform Fear™ Project was created by Shaan Saar LLC as a social impact movement to support, empower and elevate the voices of survivors of violent crime and marginalized communities. We are committed to helping eradicate violence and support those individuals who have experienced it.

Our evidence based self defense™ and trauma informed self defense™ systems have been taught all over the world, for individuals from all walks of life, and have been presented in academic and clinical forums as a novel healing modality for high risk professions and survivors of violent crime actively recovering from post traumatic stress disorder.

A Personal Mission

As a survivor of violent crime herself, Reneé Rose, creator and co-founder of The Transform Fear Project has taught thousands of women all over the world to reclaim their autonomy and live safer, more confident lives. Our educational models are available in person and online via Patreon and

If you or a loved one is seeking an inclusive program, supportive of the parasympathetic nervous system, and a trauma informed approach please feel free to reach out.

The Transform Fear clothing line funds education for individuals and subsidizes education for non-profit groups. Shop with heart. Wear your mission. Transform Fear™

A Personal Story Of Survival
Founders Story

Reneeé Rose
Founder of Transform Fear™
Partner Shaan Saar LLC.

・Defensive Tactics Instructor
・Offender Behavioral Analysis Consultant
・Kidnapping Survivor

Full story, coming soon....