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Those suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia and PTSD often struggle to find helpful solutions outside of pharmaceuticals. Alternatives like at-home neurotransmitter testing (ordered by a doctor) is a window to our brain function that no other testing can provide. Further it can be a beneficial element for natural healing; and allows exploration of targeted, natural alternatives for many other mental health disorders. Scroll for more after the following article.

Most of us live with a constant stream of internal dialogue. Many of them appear in negative messages we absorbed throughout our childhood and formative young adult years. Changing our relationship with our thoughts and emotions versus trying to change the messages holds the key to healing. But what does it take to be ready to begin that process? Check out guest blogger Nicole Corning's take on just that and explore one of our favorite methods for defusion.

This day and age, the world has never been more accessible for solo female travelers.